Minecraft: How to Spawn Blue Axolotl on PC, PS4, Xbox, Switch, and Pocket Edition

How can you get one of the rarest creatures in Minecraft?

by Marc Magrini


One of the many creatures that players can find in Minecraft is the axolotl. These friendly mobs are able to assist players in various ways, and their cute design makes them perfect for keeping around as pets. Finding axolotls can be tricky, but there’s a special blue variant of them that can’t be found out in the wild. Getting a blue axolotl to spawn is no easy feat; time and patience are two major requirements for players to get their hands on one.

How to Spawn a Blue Axolotl in Minecraft

A blue axolotl can only be obtained through breeding. The only other way to obtain one is through spawn commands. Even spawn eggs from creative mode will give players little-to-no luck. Thankfully, the only requirement is that two other axolotls breed with each other. The color of each parent doesn’t matter when it comes to a blue axolotl being born. If you have enough time and resources, you should be able to get a blue axolotl after enough time. The chances are still very low, so don’t be surprised if you need multiple days – both in-game and in real life – to get your hands on one.

Once you have at least one blue axolotl, getting another is simple. Baby axolotls usually inherit the colors of one parent, so getting your blue axolotl to breed with any other axolotl will give you a high chance of obtaining another blue one. After that, you can simply put both blue axolotls together and have them breed as well. You can have as many blue babies as you want with this method, turning one of the rarest creatures into one of the most plentiful! Players interested in breeding creatures might also like to know how to breed bees, as well as how to attract villagers.

Minecraft is available on PC, Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo, and mobile devices.

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