Can You Make Paper in Minecraft Without Sugar Cane?

But, it's made from trees in reality.

by J.T. Isenhour


Minecraft has many key items that can be crafted in different ways. Crafting benches can be made from any type of wooden plank, so it would be easy to assume paper is the same way. The recipe for paper has always been known to be three sugar cane in Minecraft. However, the game has gone through so many updates and had so many new items added that it seems like some new combination of items could be used to make paper. It should be easy to find a new paper recipe by using the crafting guide, let’s go over if there is a new recipe for paper in Minecraft.

Is There a New Recipe for Paper in Minecraft

The recipe for paper has been the same since it was added to Minecraft. Three pieces of sugar cane in a horizontal line will give you three pieces of paper. This is conveniently enough paper to craft a single book. With all the new items added to Minecraft through the years, it would make sense that some new way to make paper was added to the game. Surprisingly though, there isn’t; paper only has one recipe.

This is so shocking when you consider how pivotal paper is to a standard playthrough of Minecraft. You will always need paper to craft a book, so anything that you need a book for will need paper. That means no paper will prevent you from enchanting any of your tools and armor. You will also need paper if you want to make any maps. Which are really useful if you have trouble remembering where your base is.


One other pivotal item that relies on paper to be crafted is fireworks. You may be wondering why are fireworks considered a pivotal item for a Minecraft playthrough, but they have many uses. You can load fireworks into crossbows to fire them for way more damage than a normal arrow will do, which would be really useful during Fia’s questline in Elden Ring. You can also use a firework when flying with an elytra to give yourself a boost to your speed and keep flying through the air. You can also use fireworks as a nice little celebratory tool, but this is not necessary to survival in Minecraft.

Tragically, if you want access to any of those items, you will need to set yourself up some kind of sugar cane farm, since that is the only way you can craft paper. You may be able to find some stray pieces of paper here and there, but if you want to have enough to complete your playthrough you will need a sugar cane farm. If you need any more help with Minecraft make sure to check out our other guides.

Minecraft is available now on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, mobile devices, and many other platforms.

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