Minecraft – How to Make a Banner

Learn how to improve your customization skills through banners!

by Marc Magrini


Minecraft has thousands of items for players to use for decoration. One of the most well-known of these items is the banner, an object that can display custom patterns. A few of them can be found out in the wild, but anyone that wants full customization will need to make a banner themselves.

How to Make a Banner

Banners are made with six wool and a stick at a crafting bench. Players need to shape the items like they’re making a sign; just replace the wooden planks with wool. Every piece of wool must be the same color, as well, so some extra dye should be kept in reserve before crafting multiple banners.

After crafting, banners will have many options for customization. These options may vary depending on whether players are using the Java Edition or Bedrock Edition of Minecraft. Regardless of edition, banners can have custom designs made at a loom – as long as players have the right dye to make those designs.

Here’s every difference between banners in both versions:

Java Edition

  • Banners cannot have their colors changed.
  • Banners can be given custom names.
  • Players can wear banners on their head.
  • Banners and shields can be crafted together, applying the banner’s pattern on the shield.
  • Banners can be registered on maps.

Bedrock Edition

  • Banners can be crafted with bleach to make them white and remove patterns.
  • Banner designs can be crafted at a crafting bench, though it requires more dye.
  • Illager banners cannot be placed in looms.

These differences are subject to change as Minecraft receives further updates for both versions. No matter the version, banners are still highly valuable items for those wishing to spruce up their home. Decorators and customizers will also get a lot of use out of learning how to carve pumpkins, where to find clay, and how to make concrete.

Minecraft is available on PC, Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo, and mobile devices.

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