Minecraft – How to Breed Bees

What will get your bees to breed?

by Marc Magrini


Today, Minecraft is host to over 50 mobs for players to interact with. Of these mobs, bees are neutral creatures that produce honey and sting players when provoked. Not many bees are found at once; for every nest that spawns naturally, there are usually just three bees nearby or inside. Players looking to get plenty of honey and honeycombs will likely want to figure out how to breed bees, which is an essential step for anyone looking to make use of multiple self-made beehives.

How to Breed Bees

Players can get bees to breed by giving flowers to them. This is the same way players can attract bees, as well, making for an easy list of tasks for anyone making a bee farm. Once players get enough honeycombs to make the hives they desire, they can attract bees away from their nests using flowers. Then, after bringing them to wherever the hives are, players can use the flowers to get more bees, easily filling up the hives. Using this method, players don’t even need to worry about breaking the original nest. Only three bees can be in one nest at a time, so any additional bees will just make the new hives their homes.

To recap, here’s how to easily make use of bee breeding:

  • Craft a few beehives and put them in an enclosed space.
  • Use flowers to guide bees closer to the hives.
  • Give the flowers to the bees in order to get them to breed.

That’s it! Players should also plant some extra flowers nearby to make sure the newborn bees will start filling their hives with honey. This is a surefire way to get plenty of honey, which can lead to some easy reserves of sugar and honey blocks. Anyone interested in getting more baby animals should also check out how to breed turtles and horses.

Minecraft is available on PC, Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo, and mobile devices.

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