Minecraft – How to Attract Bees

Keep those bees from buzzing off!

by Marc Magrini


Minecraft has gained plenty of new creatures throughout its lifespan. Of the many creatures and animals, bees are a relatively recent addition to the game. Bees can be useful for pollinating various plants in Minecraft. They’re also the main source of honey and honeycombs, making them valuable for players looking to make candles or extra sugar. Because of this, players should learn how to attract bees in order to farm those resources easier.

How to Attract Bees

As one might be able to infer, bees are attracted to flowers. This includes dandelions, tulips, and sunflowers, as well as flowering azaleas and their leaves. Players can hold these items in their hand, and bees will head right to them. Alternatively, they can place flowers down to attract bees towards other specific places. This is particularly useful for players that want to utilize beehives at their leisure, especially since bee nests that spawn naturally can’t be moved without the Silk Touch enchantment.

Beehives require honeycombs to craft, so anyone looking to make a hive will still need to collect some from a bee nest or two. A hive requires three honeycombs and six planks. After they make one, though, players can use flowers to attract bees closer to the hive. Once that’s done, players can safely close off the bees near the hive and break their nest without having to worry about being attacked. Bees will try to sting players if their nest is broken, and a sting will lead to the bee dying. By attracting the bees away, players have a safe and reliable method to farm honey and honeycombs as they please.

Bees are among the many Minecraft mobs that players can utilize for their benefit. Avid farmers and animal tamers playing Minecraft should also check out how to get pumpkins and how to tame horses.

Minecraft is available on PC, Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo, and mobile devices.

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