Minecraft – How to Repair Enchanted Items

Here's how to repair enchanted items in Minecraft

by Caleb Stultz


Players in Minecraft who have their favorite enchantments on their armor want to hold onto those items for as long as possible. If the Mending enchantment is still out of reach because of that pesky villager, you will need another way to repair your items. Not sure how to repair your items in Minecraft? We’ve got you covered.

Some Minecraft players may see how they have repaired un-enchanted old bows or swords in the past using a crafting table and think that using the same method with enchanted items will work the same. However, when players put enchanted items together on a crafting table, they will find that all of their enchantments will vanish from their newly repaired items. This is because players need a different item entirely to repair their enchanted item, whether it be a sword, a bow, or a piece of armor.

How to Repair Enchanted Items in Minecraft

To repair enchanted items in Minecraft, you will need an anvil. An anvil is used for all sorts of things. From repairing items to renaming items, check out how to rename your favorite items here.

To craft an anvil, you will need three iron blocks and four iron ingots. Finding this ore is relatively simple. Head underground and look around the same level as you would find coal or copper. Here is how to order those items on a crafting table to craft an anvil:


After you have crafted your anvil, put your enchanted item in the first slot and one of two things in the second slot. Either put the type of ore your item is made out of (diamonds, gold, iron), or put the same type of item into the second slot. This is also your opportunity to rename your item if you choose to do so. As seen here:

Ore repair:


The same type of item repair:


After you have repaired your item, put your repaired enchanted item back into your inventory, and you’re all set. If you are using an armor piece, be sure to equip it on your menu screen.

Minecraft is available on PC, Mobile, Playstation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch.

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