Minecraft – How to Disenchant Items

Here's How to Disenchant Items in Minecraft

by Caleb Stultz


Minecraft players who got the wrong enchantment on their enchantment table may not want to grind several levels to reach level 30 for another strong enchantment. Or, players may have the wrong enchantment on their pickaxe and do not want to have to waste their resources making another to use to dig obsidian. In which case, we’ve got you covered to learn how to disenchant items in Minecraft.

Disenchanting Items in Minecraft

To disenchant an item in Minecraft, you will need an item known as a grindstone. Grindstones allow players to remove any enchantments on items besides curses already placed on those items. To build a grindstone, players need two sticks, two pieces of wood, and one stone slab crafted on a crafting table.


If you are close to a village, you will not need to craft a grindstone. Instead, players can find one at the blacksmith’s building.

When interacting with the grindstone’s menu, the game will ask Minecraft players if they want to repair or disenchant an item. Place the enchanted item of your choice into the top slot, and the grindstone will remove the enchantment from the item.


Once the disenchantment is done, you can now re-enchant the item and give you a clean slate to work with your item.

Minecraft is available on Mobile, PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

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