Can You Get Into Warframe Solo and Is It Worth It?

Can Warframe provide a great single-player experience?

by Marc Magrini


Warframe is a game with vast multiplayer support. Nearly every mission in the game can be completed with friends, and there are many features that allow players to truly share their experience. Unfortunately, some players might simply not have access to good friends – or a good online connection – in order to fully enjoy these multiplayer aspects. Without a good way to play the game with allies, is it worthwhile to try and play Warframe solo?

Is it Possible and Worthwhile to Play Warframe Solo?

First, players should know that an online connection is required to play Warframe in the first place. No matter what, you will be connected to other players in the community in some way. In other words, players with shoddy internet might not be able to play the game at all. If online connection is not a problem, then it is completely possible to play through the game alone. Players can set their preferences to refuse joining others’ game sessions or to start new lobbies, allowing them to complete every mission without assistance. It might not be very easy, especially when attempting to reach endgame quests such as The New War, but there isn’t much the player will miss out on otherwise.

There are a couple of multiplayer-specific bonuses in Warframe. Playing with friends can lead to increased productivity in a clan, especially when it comes to building a Railjack. Playing with others when opening Void Relics will also give you the option of choosing another player’s reward, which is helpful when farming for Primed Warframes. Most importantly, playing online with others will make it much easier to farm and complete missions. Facing off against tougher bosses like Eidolons will be extremely difficult without a team, and solo players can be easily overwhelmed in higher-level Sortie missions. With that in mind, it’s still feasible to play Warframe without having to organize your friends each time you want to play. But there isn’t much reason to play Warframe completely solo unless you want to really challenge yourself.

Warframe is available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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