Warframe Isolation Vault: How to Open Secret Rooms

Here are all the known secret rooms in the Isolations Vaults on Deimos.

by Elliott Gatica


Digital Extremes puts a good amount of effort to put in secrets that may be worth it for the curious players. Warframe might seem like the type of game to just breeze through and call it a day, but there are secrets for those who walk off the beaten path. For example, the open world of the Cambion Drift in Deimos is more than meets the eye. In fact, the Isolation Vaults have many worthwhile items and resources to pick up via their secret rooms. Here is how to find and open the secret rooms in the Isolation Vault secret rooms in Warframe.

How to open the Isolation Vault secret rooms in Warframe

First, you’ll need to have completed the game’s questline up to The War Within. This unlocks your Operator to be of use freely via transference. Then, you should take on Isolation Vault or Arcana bounties from the Necralisk. These bounties all take place in the depths of the Cambion Drift, where these vaults lie.

Complete these bounties as you normally would. Ideally, you’d also want to fully complete your bounty before you search for the secrets. Something else you should note is that not every room you see will have some kind of secret. Here, we’ll show you which ones do and how to unlock the secrets.

Vault Variant


This vault is considered the “Vault Variant”. Here, you will find that strange floating statue that shows the void when you look into the glass. From here, find a Reactive Crystal hidden behind the opposite end of the room behind a door arch, but above it on the other side. Shoot it with void energy.


Upon shooting the door, go directly across from that area to find a new door that has been unlocked. This new door won’t fully open, but it’ll be open enough for you to fit in. Just like how the other Crystal was hidden, you will find the same for the new door. Once you shoot it with void energy, the central door will open with a bunch of secret breakable caches, or Sagiant Entrati Caskets.

The Cenote Pit


This room is very distinct in that there will be a large living pit that occasionally spits out gallbladders. Pick this up as you would with other intractable objects, then throw it right back into the pit. If you did this part right, the maw will then react to it, spitting out highly toxic payloads and placing infested boils in the Orokin machinery dangling above it.


Destroy the boils and then repeat this until the machinery ultimately kills the living pit. When this happens, you can jump down and fight against a Deimos Jugulus Rex. Kill it, then reap your rewards with a bunch of container items and a fallen Necramech. When you’re finished down there, activate the Reactive Crystal with your Operator’s void energy to open a portal to resurface.

The Breakthrough Room


This room should stick out in the sense that there’s a random ball in the middle of the room. It’s oftentimes accompanied by an Obelisk right in front of it. Head over to the front of the ball and find a hidden Reactive Crystal above the outer doorway in which the ball is facing.

Upon activating the Crystal, there will be breakable statues that appear from lowered walls. Break these statues to earn some rare items like fish parts, gems, and ore.

The Catacombs


This room will be easy to spot out thanks to the three spinning rings hovering over the structure in the middle. Here, you will find a Reactive Crystal on each floor walking entrance of the room. There are three Crystals to look out for, which can all be tracked as activated or not depending on how many rings stop spinning.

Upon completing this one, you’ll activate a portal formed by the three rings. Going into this portal will land you in a room full of items stored in caches and a fallen Necramech.

The Underground


This final room will have a center with four Orokin statues facing the center. This is actually a two-part secret in that you can uncover one set and miss the other. In this room, you’ll find a total of two Reactive Crystals on top of the doorways. Shooting these will reveal statues similar to how they looked back in the Breakthrough Room.

The next part of this puzzle will have additional Reactive Crystals in the infested part just off of the side of the walls with the hidden statues. It’ll be hidden very well on top of a lot of infested flooring and webbing. You might want to have something like a Synthesis Scanner on hand to help you locate it. When you find the Crystal and activate it, it’ll unlock the door right next to it. Here, you’ll find caches and crates with rare materials.

All the rooms with the caches and Sagiant Entrati Caskets have a chance at giving you a Deimos Captura Scene.

Warframe is free to play on PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One and Series S/X, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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