Warframe: Harrow Prime Builds

Here are some very solid builds for the recently primed Priest Frame.

by Elliott Gatica


Harrow Prime is the latest Warframe to get the Primed treatment. Primed Warframes are the golden-trimmed counterparts to the normal frames that have slightly better stats, but an overall more golden flair to them. The priest frame that is all about shields, energy, and precision shots is a very versatile one. Now that he has a Prime variant, here are some rather strong builds to use for Harrow Prime in Warframe.

Harrow Prime builds in Warframe


This build focuses on a more team-oriented playstyle. Since Harrow [Prime] can make use of shield and energy regeneration, healing, damage mitigation, and critical damage buffing, he can prove to be a very powerful ally. No ability is necessarily useless. Harrow is one of the few Warframes that has a kit where each ability has its uses.


If you do choose to substitute certain mods out from this build, you can take out Primed Sure Footed for an augment, a different mod for utility or survival, or something that increases any of the other ability stats.

Arcanes might be difficult to obtain if you’re a mid or early-game player. They top off the build since they add more shield and energy capabilities for the frame. While Harrow does not need it per se, it allows him to go into higher-level missions with ease.

Finally, if you wish to replace any abilities he has via the Helminth, you should probably swap out Condemn with anything you prefer. However, if you want something that can complement his playstyle even better, you can pick one of the following abilities:

  • Breach Surge
  • Dispensary
  • Eclipse
  • Elemental Ward
  • Ensnare
  • Larva
  • Lull
  • Rebuild Shields
  • Roar
  • Shooting Gallery
  • Spectrorage
  • Xata’s Whisper

Eidolon Support

This build will solely focus on Harrow’s ultimate ability— Covenant. It has a damage mitigation mechanic to it where any source of damage is absorbed and converted into increased Critical bonuses. As this setup suggests, this is for Eidolon hunting.


The role that Harrow plays in an optimal Eidolon hunting group is that he can nullify all the damage an Eidolon dishes out during their Energy Spike phases. When Quill Onkko tells you that an Energy Spike is coming the Harrow has to brace themselves to properly time the Covenant cast.

If done right, the team does not have to retreat. It’ll allow for the team to still stay engaged even when the spikes occur. This is also where the uncharacteristically low ability duration does wonders. A longer ability duration means that the critical buff period after the damage absorbing phase lingers, not allowing Harrow to cast another Covenant until it runs out.

This can be a problem for a team that takes down the shields of an Eidolon fast enough and the ability hasn’t run out. The critical buff after the damage absorption is nice, but negating the Energy Spike damage and its magnetic procs allow your teammates to survive and not lose all their energy. The low duration allows Harrow to cast Covenant more.

If you do not have Harrow Prime yet, you can still use the base variant of the frame and use this build. The stats are negligible in the long run and can still be as useful as the Prime counterpart.

Warframe is free to play on PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One and Series S/X, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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