Warframe The New War: Drifter or Operator?

SPOILER WARNING: Choose who will see the rest of the New War play out in this pivotal decision.

by Elliott Gatica


The New War is finally upon us. It has been three years in the making and it is the greatest and most ambitious cinematic quest yet in Warframe. In recent years for Warframe, players had to make some rather pivotal decisions in each quest. Each choice does provide us with unique dialogue along the way and affects our alignment on a purity scale of sorts. In the New War, we face a crossroads of decisions on two parts. Here, we’ll discuss if you should go for the Drifter or Operator in The New War quest in Warframe.

Should you pick the Drifter or Operator in The New War?

Heavy spoiler warning! The following text will talk about crucial points in the quest’s storyline. If you hit this moment in the quest and require guidance, you are free to look at it. The article will only discuss matters up to this point.

After running away from Natah’s attacks, she’ll put you in her grasp that sends your Drifter back into a previous vision following the incident aboard the Zariman Ten Zero. Your Operator, in this vision, will interact with The Man in the Wall, restoring power to the Drifter.

Some cutscenes between Erra and Ballas will go on, eventually giving you back control of your operator. You’ll start to venture through a derelict vision of the Ten Zero, eventually hitting the point where you sit down and have a meal with your Drifter.

After some confusing discussion with a paradox of yourself (slight Duviri Paradox foreshadowing), you’ll be posed with the question: who will be the one to kill Ballas and decide the fate of Natah?


Of course, choosing the Drifter or Operator can be quite a daunting task. Do you want to finish what you started as the Operator, or let the Drifter, a shell of your future self, stuck in a paradox, complete the task you(they)started after Ballas’ takeover?

Upon making your choice, that is who you will complete the rest of the quest with. Though, to ease your mind about some things, this only makes changes permanent here. Once the quest is over, you can revert back to your old Operator.

The only thing to note is that since the quest is not replayable at this time, you’ll only get to see one outcome. Choose what you feel would be the more appropriate choice. In Warframe, quest choices like the Drifter or the Operator will not make a permanent impact moving forward in the story, which still holds true in The New War.

Warframe is free to play on PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One and Series S/X, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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