Warframe Prime Resurgence: How to Farm for Primed Warframes

Revisit all the vaulted frames if you missed any by following these strategies!

by Elliott Gatica


Prime Resurgence started today, giving Warframe players a chance to get their hands on all the past vaulted Warframes. This does still exclude Excalibur Prime, so keep that in mind when planning which frames and Primed weapons you want to get. With the event in full swing, there are some things you need to know when earning Primes like what items to look out for and methods in maximizing your farming.

How to farm for vaulted frames in the Warframe Prime Resurgence event

First, you’ll want to meet with Varzia Dax who will give you a rundown of the lore and a gist of how this event works. It’s pretty simple; every week, a set of two Warframes and their signature items will go on rotation. You will have to act quickly to get the frames and weapons you want, especially if you take the free route. You need Aya, a new resource that is required to get primed items, though there is a catch.

Aya is a resource added to loot tables where you can earn relics. These can be traded for past Twitch Prime rewards, Orokin Ducats, and Void Relics. For maximizing grinding efficiency, you will always want to spend your earned Aya on Void Relics. Here are some strategies to earn Aya.

Play Void missions


Void missions in Warframe are perhaps some of the most reliable spots to earn Void Relics. You equip these relics in Fissure missions where you can then play a mission and have a chance at earning one of the rewards listed on that specific relic. Since Aya is basically part of all major relic rotations in the game, you should either take on Mot, Oxomoco, or Teshub in the Void.

The latter two nodes are ideal if you choose not to take on an endurance mission. They do not guarantee an Aya drop.

If you want to have a higher chance of getting Aya, Mot is the ideal place. This node may sound familiar to those who have gone relic hunting before since its drop tables purely consist of relics. Aya is part of the drop tables, having an equally distributed chance of being a reward at every 5-minute mark. Though, you will want to have a strong loadout since this node is one of the more challenging ones in the game.

Take on free roam bounties


Another consistent way to earn Aya is by going to the Plains of Eidolon, Orb Vallis, or Cambion Drift and taking on their bounty missions. Talk to the respective NPCs who give you bounties, but take on the mid to high-tier bounties. The reward tables have a higher chance of granting you Aya per each stage reward.

You should also try completing all bonus objectives during these missions to earn an extra reward at the end of the bounty. Completing all bonus objectives gives you an additional reward from their loot tables which gives you an extra chance of getting Aya.

How to get Regal Aya

For people who want to skip some of the grind, they can purchase Regal Aya, a premium resource that can only be obtained by purchasing it with money. These can be traded to Varzia Dax for instant access to Prime Warframes, weapons, and cosmetics. Prices may vary depending on your location.

Regal Aya is also not tradable between players, so do not fall for potential scammers on the market.

Warframe is out now for free on PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One and Series S/X, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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