Who is Skye’s Voice Actor in Valorant?

Who voices Skye in Valorant?

by Diego Perez


Skye is one of the most popular agents in Valorant due to her incredibly useful kit, but who is the voice actor who portrays her in the game? Skye is Valorant’s 13th agent and one of the first characters to join the roster after the beta, coming to the game in patch 1.11 in October 2020. She’s a staple in most competitive team compositions and still remains one of Valorant’s strongest Initiators to this day, holding her own against new additions like Fade. Her voice lines are instantly recognizable, and any experienced Valorant player will reflexively turn 180 degrees when they hear “hawk out.” So, who is Skye’s voice actor in Valorant?

Who is the Voice Actor for Skye in Valorant?

Skye is voiced by Australian actress Miranda O’Hare, who has quite a few roles in Australian TV shows throughout the years. She doesn’t have many video game voice acting credits, with her only other recognizable gaming role being Zephyr from 2020’s XCOM Chimera Squad.

While Chimera Squad was well-received (check out our review of the game here), it wasn’t the most popular title since it was a spinoff of a strategy series that still hasn’t received a console port. Valorant is much more popular, played by millions of people around the world, so now O’Hare’s vocal talents are reaching a much wider audience.

Again, Skye is a fan-favorite Valorant agent for her personality and her kit, which makes her one of the best Initiators in the entire game. She’s quite high on the Valorant agent tier list and is a great pick for solo players who want to support their team. In other Valorant news, the Xenohunter skin bundle is currently available in the store, so be sure to grab it before it cycles out. Some players are unhappy with the new skin line, but there’s thankfully a refund option for skins if you’re not satisfied with your purchase.

Valorant is available now on PC.

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