Warframe Halloween Event “Nights of Naberus” 2021: How to Get Started

Time to get spooky, Tenno!

by Elliott Gatica



Warframe is now in its second year of celebrating the Nights of Naberus. Previous Halloween events usually came in the form of limited-time weapon skins becoming available in the shop and an alert mission or two. This time around, there’s much more than that.

The Nights of Naberus is more of just a celebration of Halloween-like aspects in Warframe. Instead, there will be tons of goodies to sink certain resources into so you can rep Naberus, Halloween, and Day of the Dead merch all year long!


How to get started with the Nights of Naberus event in Warframe

To get started in this limited time Warframe event, here are a few things you’ll need to know first. This event starts today, October 6, 2021. It will run until Wednesday, November 3, 2021.

Secondly, you’ll need to have progressed far enough into the star chart to make it to Deimos. Specifically, you’d have to have made it to the Necralisk, the social hub that acts as an alternate entrance to the Cambion Drift. The Necralisk’s name will be temporarily changed to “Nights of Naberus”, so don’t panic if you can’t find it.

Find Daughter to get started. You’ll notice her hub is decorated with spider webs. Upon talking to her, she’ll also be in costume, sporting a Gara glass-themed headdress, handprint temporary tattoos on her arms, and a decorative necklace. Apparently she’s a Kubrow this year “again” according to her idle dialogue.


Select Naberus Treats when you speak to her and she’ll present you with an exclusive storefront that will be up until the end of this event. Here are the items she has in her limited time storefront as well as the prices.

Nights of Naberus Daughter items

  • Naberus Ephemera Blueprint – 45 Mother Tokens
  • Gram Day of the Dead Skin – 90 Mother Tokens
  • Basmu Day of the Dead Skin – 90 Mother Tokens
  • Basmu Blueprint – 125 Mother Tokens
  • Ceti Lacera Blueprint – 125 Mother Tokens
  • The Ballroom Simulacrum – 55 Mother Tokens
  • Stinkeye Naberus Glyph – 20 Mother Tokens
  • Rotting Naberus Glyph – 20 Mother Tokens
  • Grapeskull Naberus Glyph – 20 Mother Tokens
  • Hallow’s Eve (Color Palette) – 125 Mother Tokens
  • Day of the Dead Necramech Skin – 100 Mother Tokens
  • Grim Grin Naberus Sigil – 5 Mother Tokens
  • Noggle Statue (Stalker) – 25 Mother Tokens
  • Whispering Naberus Mobile – 100 Mother Tokens
  • Spinneret Ephemera – 150 Mother Tokens
  • Nyctalus Ephemera – 200 Mother Tokens

Some of these items, namely the Basmu and Ceti Lacera weapons are from the Scarlet Spear event. You may want to snag these since they are limited-time items. As for all the other goodies Daughter has in her store, the Nyctalus Ephemera is something to keep your eyes on. This winged ephemera is the second of its kind and would really help complement the spooky look for Warframes.


Finally, aside from Daughter selling Halloween-themed items to you in Deimos, the storefront will have a wide selection of Day of the Dead skin bundles to buy. They all have the white and black-themed skull imprints. Make sure to pick up all the items you want before they disappear in early November!

Final note: these items won’t disappear from your inventory once the event is over. They are permanent other than the Dullahan pumpkin head.

Warframe’s limited-time Halloween event, Nights of Naberus is live now until November 3. Indulge in your darker side and snag some really neat cosmetics to complete your spooky looks! To learn more about the Nights of Naberus, click here to check out the event page on Warframe’s website.


Warframe is also free to play on the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One and Series S/X, and PC. To check out additional content like news and guides pertaining to Warframe, click here.

- This article was updated on October 6th, 2021

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