Warframe: Nora’s Choice Week 9 Challenges

It's that time again, Dreamers!

by Elliott Gatica


Everybody’s favorite space DJ in Warframe has presented us with new challenges to take on and more progress to earn in Nightwave. As always, with a new week comes a refreshed shop and wares to collect. Nora Night will have all sorts of things like weapon augment mods, weapon blueprints, skins, decorations, and even aura mods. Here are the challenges for this week.


  • Venus Bounty Hunter – Complete 5 different bounties in the Orb Vallis
  • Venus Fisher – Catch 6 rare Servofish in the Orb Vallis
  • Assassin – Complete 3 Assassination missions
  • Invader – Complete 9 Invasion missions of any type
  • Operative – Complete 3 Spy missions

Elite Weekly

  • Grove Guardian – Kill a Silver Grove Specter
  • Ascendant – Complete 4 Halls of Ascension on Lua

How to complete the harder acts

Venus Bounty Hunter

This is a repeat of week 4, you can check more about that from checking the challenge there.

Venus Fisher


This Nightwave Act is a repeat from week 3. We have a guide that shows some of the best fishing spots to catch rare Servofish in the Orb Vallis. You can check that by clicking here.


An assassination mission is the type of mission where there are two factions at conflict on a certain node. Check the “Invasions” tab while in the star chart to check out which planets are at stake. Such examples are when Grineer are trying to occupy Corpus-controlled nodes and vice versa. Alternatively, the Infestation occupations also count as invasion missions. This can be useful in completing the Assassin challenge too, since the Phorid Manifestations count towards both the Invader and Assassin Nightwave Acts.

Grove Guardian

You will have to have access to the Titania Quest, The Silver Grove. This is a quest where, spoiler alert, you fight against Orokin-type enemies called Silver Grove Specters. They’re basically Warframes similar to those you fight at Solar Rail Junctions, but are of the alternative Deluxe skin types.

If you haven’t completed the quest for Titania, this challenge can be completed through there. If you have already completed it, just gather up different types of flora from the various planetside regions. You’ll have to gather enough of these resources to craft the Apothic gear items.

Once you have done that, equip them in your gear wheel and make your way to a mission on Earth. Choose a low-level mission like E Prime. Play through the mission like normal, but do some exploration. The Lotus will tell you that the Silver Grove is nearby if you have followed everything above. Do exactly as you did during the Titania quest and expend your Apothic at the shrine. Then, defeat the specter that appears.



You need to have the planet Lua (or the Orokin Moon) unlocked. This is unlocked after completing The Second Dream. In every mission other than the defense node, Stöfler, you can find one of seven rooms that will present you with a different challenge. Some of these are actually challenging, while others can be cakewalks. Also, the likelihood of you running into one of these seven rooms isn’t guaranteed. The best way to farm this is to run the Plato exterminate node. Pick a Warframe you’re comfortable to take into the endgame.

Check this Warframe wiki page link in which it goes more into detail about what the rooms look like and how they can be completed. Some of the easier trials to take on are the Cunning, Power, and Stealth tests. You need to complete any of them four times. They can also be repeated, so by all means, if you want to only take the Power test, the challenge will still be completed.

This week does pose a bit of a challenge and mild grind for those who may not be up to endgame levels of content in Warframe. Still, they are definitely doable if you are within the Mastery Rank range of 7 and up, so don’t be discouraged. You can check out additional Warframe content like guides and news by clicking here.

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