Warframe: Nora’s Choice Week 8 Challenges

Lots of familiar challenges

by Elliott Gatica


As Nora Night says in Warframe, “it’s that time again, dreamers.” And it sure is. The weekly reset for Nightwave just landed. For people who have completed all of the acts of the past weeks, we can surpass the level beyond 30 into the Prestige Tiers. These tiers give 15 Nora Creds per level, meaning you can use those in the Cred Offerings page to buy more items! Here are the challenges for the eighth week (Sept. 19, 2021) of Nora’s Choice.


  • Animator – Fully socket 3 Ayatan Sculptures
  • Good Friend – Help Clem with his weekly mission
  • Polarized – Polarize a Weapon, companion, or Warframe (not in Simulacrum)
  • Sanctuary Researcher – Complete 5 Scans for Cephalon Simaris
  • Vault Raider – Complete an Isolation Vault Bounty mission on Deimos

Elite Weekly

  • Resource Scavenger – Collect 20 different types of resources
  • Survival – Complete a Survival mission reaching at least 30 minutes

How to complete the harder acts

Animator and Good Friend

These are both repeats from week 4. You can look up a guide on how to complete them by clicking here.

Sanctuary Researcher

This one is a repeat from week 2. You can look that up by checking out the week 2 guide here.


This one is just like the “Hold Your Breath” challenge, but without the need to specifically play the survival mission in the Kuva Fortress. You can pick the lowest level survival mission on Earth, Venus, or Mercury and complete it. Of course, remember that the enemies do scale up pretty quickly after a while. They should be more bearable for players who are in the mid levels.

The majority of this week’s challenges are repeats. Most of them are rather easy to do for mid level players, but some can definitely be more on the tedious side like the Sanctuary Researcher and Good Friend challenges.

You can check out additional Warframe content like guides and updates by clicking here.

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