Warframe: Strun Prime Build

Go up close and personal and shred through foes with this powerful shotgun

by Elliott Gatica


The Strun Prime is such a weird pick to be Nidus Prime’s signature weapon. In terms of the lore, though, there’d be no actual way that this Warframe would sport some kind of Infested Weapon that turned Orokin. However, at least what’s neat about this is that we have more weapons to mod and play around with. Here is a standard build for the Strun Prime, making use of its strengths.

Strun Prime build in Warframe


This build capitalizes on the weapon’s greatest strength— criticals. The Strun Prime has a base critical chance of 24% and a 2.2x multiplier, making it very viable even for a Hunter Munitions build. It has a serviceable status chance, but with the recent shotgun changes, some status should be put in to pump even more damage out of this beast of a weapon.

Nothing is really out of the ordinary with this build per se. Perhaps the Critical Deceleration mod is a bit out of place, but it’s a lot better than Blunderbuss. Sure, it reduces fire rate by 20%, but it adds an additional 110% critical chance compared to its counterpart.

Galvanized Hell can be replaced with a standard Hell’s Chamber mod for people who haven’t gotten to Arbitrations yet. Also, this build is a status-critical hybrid, so that’s why corrosive and heat are being used here. Pair that up with Hunter Munitions and this gun can tear through enemies very quickly.

Since shotguns had their pellet mechanics reworked, the status/projectile stat is rather low. Shotguns do tend to have multiple pellets, meaning that stat is actually a lot higher than it seems. Stacking a bunch of heat, corrosive, and slash status effects almost makes using Condition Overload melee weapons a bit overkill.

The Strun Prime is currently on rotation with Nidus Prime and the Magnus Prime. Make sure to snag a handful of these relics since this weapon along with the rest of the set are going to be highly sought out. You can find out more about Prime Access by clicking here.

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