Warframe: Nora’s Choice Week 7 Challenges

It’s that time again, dreamers!

by Elliott Gatica


As we enter the seventh week of Nightwave in Warframe, there is once again a reset. Check up with Nora Night as she’ll have a refreshed storefront with new wares to buy with Nora’s Choice Credits as well as new challenges to take on to further progress. Here are this week’s (Sept 12, 2021) challenges:


  • Earth Fisher – Catch 6 Rare Fish in the Plains of Eidolon
  • Feed the Beast – Feed the Helminth any resource
  • Not a Warning Shot – Kill 500 enemies
  • Sound Sleeper – Complete 3 Nightmare missions of any type
  • Supporter – Complete 10 Syndicate Missions

Elite Weekly

  • Hydrolyst Hunter – Kill or capture an Eidolon Hydrolyst
  • The Path Less Travelled – Complete 5 different Steel Path missions

How to complete the harder Weekly Acts

Earth Fisher

This is a repeat of a challenge from Week 2. You can check a quick guide on how to complete that by clicking here.

Feed the Beast


This isn’t a tough mission per se, but might be harder to access for newer players. What you will need to do is reach the Associate rank with the Entrati at the Necralisk. Son will have the Helminth Orbiter Segment which you will need. Craft it, then install it to gain additional access to the infested room in your ship.

This is the room where you can get rid of the infested boil on your neck. Upgrading the room with the segment will allow you to feed your own Helminth. Feeding it will grant you access to subsuming Warframes, which basically translates to sacrificing a Warframe and using one selected ability to transfer onto others. All this mission asks is to feed it any resource and confirm it.
You can learn more about the Helminth System here.


As you pick a syndicate to side with (ex. New Loka, Steel Meridian, Arbiters of Hexis, etc.) you will have access to syndicate-specific missions in Warframe. They refresh daily, and have three per syndicate you’re aligned with. Just complete 10 of these missions and the challenge is done!

This also counts if you join in on a friend’s game. Just be careful that if you are with different and conflicting syndicates, you may lose rep for the one you allied yourself with.

Hydrolyst Hunter

So this is a bit of a challenge for a handful of Warframe players. Eidolon Hunts are one of the few bits of late-game content where you’ll actually need a coordinated team and a team composition to complete smoothly. Typical Eidolon teams consist of a Trinity, Chroma, Volt, and Harrow.


There are tons of builds out there that showcase which each one does and what their roles are in these missions. Typically, the most sought out of the group are Chromas and Volts due to their ease of use.

For this challenge, it states that you must kill or capture a Hydrolyst. Eidolon Hydrolysts are the strongest of the three Eidolons you face out in the Plains of Eidolon. On top of that, they only appear in 50-minute intervals every 90 minutes. When it becomes night time in the Plains, that’s when they appear.

The Hydrolist only appears after successfully capturing the Teralyst and Gantulyst. Killing one of them prevents the team’s ability in summoning the next tier of Eidolon.
Make use of the LFG chat in-game or even use external means like the Official Warframe Discord to join an Eidolon hunting group.

This week’s challenges have a mix of some straightforward ones and challenging ones. There are some repeats, but all that means is free standing.

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