Warframe: New Nidus Prime Access Premieres Today

An Infestation Swarms Warframe Today

by Aaron Nashar


Digital Extremes today has launched the latest update for Warframe, introducing the long-awaited Nidus Prime Access and brings back Operation: Plague Star.

Warframe Players will now have the chance to instantly unlock the 33rd Prime Warfare as well as the powered-up Prime variant of Warframe Nidus. Players will also want to check out the Prime weapons and the Prime Customization options. Alternatively, players will also have multiple paths to earning Nidus Prime in-game.

Warframe introduces these 2 packs:

Nidus Prime Access Pack – $79.99 USD

  • 2625 Platinum
  • Nidus Prime
  • Nidus Prime Glyphs
  • Strun Prime
  • Magnus Prime

Prime Access Accessories Pack – $49.99 USD*

  • 1365 Platinum
  • Nidus Prime Syandana
  • Necramech Universal Skin
  • Infested Landing Craft Decos
  • 90 Day Resource & Affinity Boosters

Operation: Plague Star

The popular event returns today and only for a limited time only until September 30. Players will be able to unite together to defend the Plains of Eidolon on Earth against The Infested life forms before they reach Cetus.

Operation: Plague Star will also feature a wide range of highly-awaited exclusive rewards including the cruelest weapon known as the Ghoulsaw. This weapon will enable players to do several attacks including aerial attacks, slide attacks, as well as heavy-hitting combos. It is a weapon Warframe players will not want to miss out on.

Finally, players who participate in this event will have the chance to win Nidus Prime Relics in drops, which adds yet another bonus path to earning Nidus Prime in Warframe.

Other Updates:

If all these new drops were still not enough, this Warframe update will also introduce the Revenant Mephisto Collection to the in-game market and will bring some changes to Yreli’s movement abilities.

Warframe is available for download now on Steam PC, Epic Games Store, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S, as well as the Nintendo Switch.

- This article was updated on September 8th, 2021

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