Every Confirmed Character in Zenless Zone Zero So Far

All the Characters Shown Thus Far in the Newest Mihoyo Roguelike.

by Weilong Mao


With the beta for Zenless Zone Zero yet to come underway, more than several characters have already appeared before players on the digital screen. Shown off either via trailers, or promotional materials on official accounts. It might prove difficult to keep track of every character that’s appeared thus far, their affiliations, and the roles that they’ll serve in the upcoming action roguelike developed by Mihoyo. This guide will attempt to tally all characters that have made playable appearances, using past titles like Honkai and Genshin that Mihoyo’s developed as a reference.

All Confirmed Characters in Zenless Zone Zero for the Time Being

Except for the protagonists who were alluded to in the reveal trailer12 characters have currently appeared in gameplay footage, with 4 out of those 12 already named and voiced. The remaining eight characters will likely receive the same treatment in due time. But for the time being, they will be referred to by their weapons and physical appearance, under their team names. Characters that have featured in Zenless Zone Zero content are the following:

Gentle House AKA Cunning Hares

  • Billy the Kid – A cyborg clad in black with a red jacket top. Is shown dual-wielding pistols in battle with great speed, with afterimages trailing behind his shots.
  • Nicole Demara – The money-loving founder of the group, uses a multipurpose briefcase of sorts that can apply blunt force trauma and is capable of charging up energy shots.
  • Anby Demara – The girl with a mysterious past. Ninja-like in footage shown of her, slashing at enemies with an electricity-infused tactical blade.
  • Unknown Cat Girl – Likely greatly dexterous, is shown using twin daggers and potentially her cat-like instincts.

Belobog Heavy Industries

  • Spiky Hair Man with Headband – Swing at enemies with a one-handed construction drill, using the drill end.
  • Red Hair Girl – Carries a blast hammer in one hand and a mechanical wrench in the other. From gameplay footage, her combat looks as fiery as her hair.
  • One-Eyed Bear – Looks to be the hulking heavy hitter of the group, this can be seen from the oversized rectangular pile driver that he can be seen slamming in trailers.


  • Blue Skinned Oni- Brandishes her mask, slamming and spinning at enemies with her two-handed shovel-like weapon.
  • Kitsune Girl – A katana-wielding lady that employs Iaido in combat, can be seen cutting multiple enemies in quick succession.

Victoria House Keeping Co.

  • The Maid – A small petite girl, her combat capabilities most likely lie within the whirly chainsaw that she carries.
  • The Butler – An anthropomorphic wolf man with cybernetic enhancements that strikes at his enemies with a flurry of kicks.

Defense Force

  • Soldier 11 – The loyal and model soldier, wields a machete in battles against her enemies that can seemingly be infused with fire.

This list should outline all of the characters that have currently been revealed by Mihoyo in Zenless Zone Zero. It’s hard to say if the Developers have any intention of introducing any new characters before the arrival of the beta, but the current roster number should prove sufficient in providing play variety for any testers lucky enough to be selected to experience Zenless Zone Zero before its official release.

The beta for Zenless Zone Zero beta will be available on iOS and PC.


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