Pokemon Sword and Shield: Isle of Armor – How To Evolve Rockruff Into Lycanroc

Three forms to choose from.

by Dean James


One of the most controversial features of Pokemon Sword and Shield was the lack of a National Dex, which meant there were many Pokemon that did not make the cut this time around. This led to many people’s favorite Pokemon not being in the game, leaving them very disappointed. Thankfully, Game Freak is adding a number of missing Pokemon through the game’s expansions, starting with the new Isle of Armor DLC. One of those missing Pokemon was that of Rockruff and this guide will explain just how you can get him to evolve into each of its three forms.

How To Evolve Rockruff Into Lycanroc

Rockroff is a fairly new Pokemon overall, as it was only introduced back in Pokemon Sun and Moon. What made Rockruff unique was its varying evolution forms to be able to become three different versions of Lycanroc. These three forms are Midday, Midnight, and Dusk form Lycanroc, with one of them changing just a little on how to evolve it compared to Sun and Moon.

You will start coming across Rockruff as soon as you enter the Isle of Armor and head out to the first big open area as you are having to chase after the Fast Slowpoke. After you catch a Rockruff, it is time to evolve it with the form you prefer.

Unlike in Sun and Moon, the Rockruff you catch should be around level 60, so you won’t have to worry about a precise to reach, as it will evolve whenever it next levels up. In case you are breeding one and have a lower level Pokemon though, you need to raise your Rockruff to level 25 to trigger an evolution.

That is just the basic method to get Rockruff to evolve, but there’s another piece of the puzzle to decide which of the three forms you get. To get Lycanroc Midday Form, evolve Rockruff during the day. Likewise, to get Lycanroc Midnight Form, evolve Rockruff during the night.

The more complicated evolution though is Lycanroc Dusk Form, which has not just at time requirement, but something else. If you want a Lycanroc Dusk Form, you must start by catching a Rockruff with the ability Own Tempo. Once you have a Rockruff with that ability, you must have it evolve between 7:00 pm to 7:59 pm of real world time. This differs from the hours it was possible in Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, so make sure to go with this time for both Sword and Shield. For this, make sure your Nintendo Switch has the right time set, as it will go based on what time your Nintendo Switch. If you evolve the Rockruff with Own Tempo during this time, you should get your own Lycanroc Dusk Form.

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