Highest CP Pokemon to Use in Pokemon GO

Planning to get a lot of high CP Pokemon?

by Gordon Bicker


Pokemon Go is thriving as always with numerous players getting their exercise every day while on the hunt for those all-important Pokemon scattered through our very own planet. Many will be wanting to catch all of the Pokemon on offer however some others may simply just want to get the highest-powered Pokemon they can for battles and similar activities. If you are looking for the highest CP Pokemon within the game that you can get, then this article is the one for you! Listing some of the highest CP Pokemon in Pokemon Go for you to eagerly catch in the world.

Highest CP Pokemon in Pokemon Go

There are numerous Pokemon that all have a brilliantly high max CP level that you can get them to so knowing exactly what Pokemon you’ll want to hunt for in the world will give you an excellent advantage. Here are some of the highest CP Pokemon in an easy to glance back at table:

Pokemon Name Max CP
Mega Gyrados 5332
Mega Charizard Y 5037
Slaking 5010
Regigigas 4913
Mega Gengar 4902
Mewtwo 4724
Kyogre 4652
Groudon 4652
Zekrom 4565
Reshiram 4565
Arceus 4510
Meloetta 4490
Garchomp 4479
Rayquaza 4336
Tyranitar  4335

As can be observed, there is certainly a bunch of Pokemon that you can begin to work towards acquiring for having the highest CP level for a Pokemon at the moment. With future updates, there is every chance that a new Pokemon might appear that has an even higher CP level.

How To Get Mega Gyrados and Mega Charizard Y In Pokemon Go

If you’ve noticed the top of the table you’ll realize that both Mega Gyrados and Mega Charizard Y are the highest CP Pokemon so you may want to be getting them as quickly as possible. However, there are a few steps to go through in order to get them. You will need to evolve the pokemon with ‘Mega Energy’ in order to unlock the specific pokemon you are looking for. The Mega Energy is specific to each Pokemon so for example you’ll need ‘Gyrados Mega Energy’ to unlock Mega Gyrados.

At the moment, Mega Charizard Y will appear in Mega Raids on this specific rotation until the 1st of July so now is the perfect time to try and acquire the energy you need to evolve to Mega Charizard Y.

Pokémon GO is available to download and is playable now for free on IOS and Android.

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