Why blog comments are important – how to get more interaction

Why blog comments are important – how to get more interaction

I can’t comment enough on why blog comments are important. See what I did there. No seriously, if you’re building an online presence, interaction with your audience is important on just about any platform.

If your using a blog as your central content store, then comments on your posts are key for your tribe to give you feedback and drive traffic to your site.

Only a low margin of your readers takes the time to stop and leave you a drop of gold or some constructive criticism. I’d guess about 1% or less on most of my posts.

Now not all comments are built equal and there 2 sides to every story. Let’s dig into why you should know the importance of commenting.

Just some comments on the benefits

Audience interaction – connecting with your audience is a key to building relationships, trust and getting honest feedback. You can’t grow your brand in the right direct without these.Do comments affect SEO

The interaction with your audience helps also gauge the quality of your content and type of audience you have built. This is also a stepping stone into knowing your audience and adjusting your campaigns to suit.

Search Engine Optimization  (SEO) – the second reason you should have comment engagement on every post is that search engines are looking for subscriptive commentary. They want to see action on your site if they are going to rank it.

If you want to build authority with Google, Bing and Yahoo, you better have some visitor interaction.

Backlinks – When you leave interesting comment, you also get the opportunity to leave your website link for someone to come directly to your site. This is called Backlinking and it’s another great way to attract more visitors. Don’t leave an opportunity like this on the table. Add your link with every comment you make.

I’m here for the comments – Do you just get stuck on Facebook or Twitter reading through the top liked comments on a massive post. Secondary communities can be built in your comments. It’s another opportunity to build relationships, add affiliate links or backlinking to other useful articles on your site.

The dark side of comments

are blog comments a waste of timeNot for the time poor – Some large blogs and businesses have made the call to turn off their comments as its too time consuming. I think this is a good problem to have if you can drive enough traffic to your site without comments.

If you’re trying to get your site of the starting line, you need to invest this time in the comments or look for other ways of driving traffic to your site.

Get heckled on your own page – Only happened once to me but it was clear that the individual was a bit of a troll with low self-esteem which I tried to help him with. Luckily, he is now a regular visitor to one of my sites and turned out to be friendly.

You have the choice of moderating this negative view, but use them as learning from your audience. Just remember, you can’t make everyone happy, so don’t get down in the dumps if it happens to you.

Spam – Luckily there are algorithms and plugins to reduce spam comments for entering your site. In the first period of starting out, you should moderate every comment. Once your established and have found the best plugin to work for spam, then you can lose the moderating.

My tips for great commentary

If you are leaving comments, give honest feedback and constructive responses. This will not only make you look more professional to other readers, but allows a level of engagement by the blogger that will be rewarded.

If you have really dug into someone’s post, you normally end up with questions. Leave them in your comments. This gives great substance in the comment section and SEO for user engagement.

Leave comment that have your readers coming back. Use this conversation to learn more about your audience and ask them questions too.

how to get more comments

How to get them back in the comments feed

By default, WordPress comments doesn’t have a way of notifying users when their comment has been returned or replied to by someone else. This could leave questions in limbo and loss of interaction from readers.

You can add a subscription option to your comments and there are a few plugins which work well. I’ve been using Subscribe to Comments Reloaded which is free and takes almost no set up for basic use.

This plugin will give the reader the option to subscribe and receive an email when their comment has been moderated or replied too.

This tip will have readers coming back and interacting on your posts.

Here is a quick video on how it works.

Hope you enjoyed these tips and of course your comments below are required to make this post live up to the expectations.

Best of success with your comments.

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36 thoughts on “Why blog comments are important – how to get more interaction

  1. This really came in a right time for me. I’m currently trying to find ways to find more traffic to my site, and your post about comments makes a perfect explanation on how and why having interaction with the readers really help out a site to pop up!

    I want to thank you for this, it really made me think about things. Oh! And the video was amazing!

  2. Your blog is really informative. I did not know that wordpress had no capability of notifying a user that his or her comments have been replied to. No wonder WordPress requires so many plug-ins for its functionalities to be broadened.
    Anyway, I’d like to add upon the issue you have raised concerning the big sites not having any comments section. I think they do this to also reduce their bounce rate and to reduce their vulnerability to spammers also. You see most people used to like commenting on sites with huge traffic since they could easily lure the traffic away with interesting information. This sites saw this as a huge loss and they cutoff the links. It looks like everything has an upside as well as a downside!

    • You could be right about the bounce back rate. I also think they are scared of trolls going to town on their product.
      But I have seen some very popular blogs with a post in excess of a thousand of comments. It is jaw dropping but also top ranking.

  3. I’ve found this really helpful, thank you! I like the idea of adding a ‘subscribe’ button to the comments section.
    When backlinking, is as simple as leaving your website name in the box, or did you mean leaving a link in your actual comment?

    • Well Clare, it could be both but just entering your website address normally next to where you enter your email will create a backlink when readers click on your Gravatar (profile pic).

  4. I like that you have gotten heckled on your own page. I have too! It was definitely a difference of opinion stemming from different life experiences and viewpoints. You just have to take them as they come, be polite in addressing them and move on to more content creation.
    This was a good read for me. I didn’t realize that secondary communities were built into comments. I know that reading comments is a great way to discover what other people are thinking!

    • Getting to know people in the comments is an excellent way to find out how you should place yourself with future content or and campaigns your run.
      Knowing your audience is knowing your direction.

  5. I agree that site comments are very important. Not only do they help you rank in google but they also increase audience interaction. It definitely helps when you have a good connection with your audience. Thanks for the post and I look forward to more.

  6. I really liked this post it was very informative. I think this will help me and anyone who is trying to do the best on the online business world that need comments. Very useful info and thanks.

  7. Hey Vince.

    Realy good article. You are right when saying that Comments are good for SEO. A lot of people don’t know that.
    Very informative Post. Thanks for that and keep up the good work 🙂

  8. Hi Vince, as always I found your post incredibly helpful. I love the idea of the subscribe button at the bottom so thanks very much for noting it is the Subscribe to Comments Reloaded plugin.

    Does it have any impacts on site speed do you know? I already have 5 plugins to my site and site health indicates I shouldn’t have more than 5. Do you have any advice for me?

    Thanks again Vince and I look forward to more articles from you.

    • Your welcome Melissa. Not difference in speed. I’m running about 7 plugins on this site and it one of my faster sites.
      It not al about the plugins for speed. It is also the type of plugin you are using. Some are more optimized for speed but 5 is a good number to cap at if you can.

  9. I could not agree more!! It seems pretty much all my posts with a good few comments on seem to rank a fair bit higher than ones without.

    About the plugin, it sounds good but I hear too many plugins slow down your website and worsen user experience. how many would you say is the upper limit without having adverse effects?

    Thanks, Anthony.

    • Hi Anthony, 5 is a good number to cap at. But as mentioned in the last comment, many plugin are not optimized for speed. You just need to research which best suit your site.

  10. Hi Vince. This couldn’t happen at a better time since I have been looking for comment feedback, Thanks for sharing those tips and plugin (Subscribe to Comments Reloaded) I have to wrap my head around on how to modify it, But I find a way. Cheers mate 🙂

  11. I agree with this completely. Comments are a great indicator to Google that your site is actually helping others, and attracting attention from visitors.
    It’s crucial that you respond to comments on your site in a timely manner to maintain a conversation and provide visitors with the answers they need!

    Do you have any recommendations for getting people to comment more? As you say, it’s often hard to get your visitors to actually engage within the comments, so is there some kind of hook or technique you may use to try to entice others to leave a comment?

    • Hi Isaya, you may have to make your comments as captivating as your posts. Try the recommended plugin and see if you have any luck.

  12. Hey Vin,
    Great post with some awesome info. For those just starting out do not overlook Vin’s point on establishing backlinks. Establishing quality backlinks is a critical component. Just make sure you are leaving comments that are engaging and not “spammy”. You want your comments to add to the discussion instead of trying to redirect to your page.

    Also that is an awesome video on adding a subscription option to get them back. I am definitely going to implement that.

    • Thanks for your feedback Barry. I’m trying to get more video integrated into each post as it helps the readers experience and breaks up the content a bit. Glad you like it.

  13. A very informative post. I really like the way you explained the importance of commenting on the post. I have now my new website and have started writing many posts. Your tips will definitely help me to attract more people to comment and to keep them engaged. That followup comments explanation is very impressive. Good to know about that.
    Looking forward hearing more from you on this topic.

  14. Wow! This post has a lot of comments. It must be high quality. You said it yourself. The comments left is a gauge of the content quality.

    I do have a question though. How do you deal with comment hecklers? Do you publish their comment or just send it straight to the trash? I had one before and I published it, but I am unsure whether that was the best idea or not. I look forward to hearing your answer.

    Thank you for sharing and I hope you have a wonderful day!

    • It’s really your choice Alex. As long as it’s not offensives and and can be used constructively, I normally publish it. If it’s foul, trash it.

  15. Hey Vince,
    That heckler guy incident sounds sort of hilarious! Its good to know when they “cant beat you they join you.”Also, great tip on the plugin, I always wondered what would be an effective way to continue comment threads on the site. Very helpful information my friend !


    • Your welcome Dwight and thanks for your comment. I’ve also enjoyed a few of your posts. How long have you been blogging for?

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